In 2019 he released his first EP at Machinecontrol Records. Then two other labels came : D-Force Records and recently Libertas. Producing music is his greatest passion and he hope's to reach as many people as possible with it.

His interest in synthesizers was born a long time ago when his nephew from Rotterdam had a synthesizer.

This sparked his interest and a passion for music-making was born. At the same time, the -worldwide known- house scene also started to emerge in Rotterdam (turn up the bass, raugh roots, real recognize real!) He bought this cool house music at that time in the form of cassette tapes.

When he moved to the north of the Netherlands he came into contact with scream trackers. With this one could make music by cutting samples which he found very cool to do. One of my his devices was a virus C, a little later he bought a couple of monitors (KRK V8). These are still pumping in his studio.

Working with DAW’s turned into working with Cubase. More and more equipment was added over the years and it grew into a real professional studio, hist ‘cockpit’ that he’s proud of.

Currently he produces many styles of music. He has a wide music taste including hip-hop, dubstep, house, techno and more… Producing music is his greatest passion and he hope’s to reach as many people as possible with it.

May many enjoy his art!

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Ethereal Techno · Progressive House


STX_, short for Syntax, has been around for a while. His very first CD ever was "Oxygen" from Jean Michael Jarre, which he bought when he was 9 years old. From there his love for electronic music was born.

Downtempo · Electronic

Birch (UK)

Birch's affinity with electronic music began in his late teens when introduced to deep house artists like Cyril Hahn and Chris Malinchak.


I love the world of melodic techno for the mood it creates.



A track is like a story. The story I’m telling you though my music


He is in the game for the fun and joy of sharing music and vibe. As music is tightly bond to atmosphere, place and time, the music varies from the most relaxed and chill sounds to some solid Techno beats! 



After having flirted with dance music production for a while, Despawn now launches his first releases on Libertas.


John Alfa

John Alfa's passion for music began when he was a child and spent hours listening to vinyls and CD's of all genres in his attic.

House · Melodic Techno · Progressive House · Techno


This Dutch DJ / Producer lives in Amersfoort. He has been active as underground DJ for over more than 20 years, and is a resident DJ for the Nøthing Collective and Libertas Music Radio.

Daniel Curotto (AR)

Argentine DJ & producer from the city of Mar del Plata


Mainly doing melodic techno or progessive house,he also enjoys experimenting with more energetic styles every now and then, while he enjoys listening to Enrico Sanguilano, Layton Giordani or Jay Lumen himself.

Melodic Techno · Progressive House


• Swan has born •

Ale de Maio

Ale's music has been steadily gaining recognition in the electronic music community. With a focus on hypnotic melodies and driving beats, Ale's sets will always take listeners to a mystical musical journey.


Mag Opusanne

''Electronic music moves your soul''

Ethereal Techno · Progressive House

Madman J

“Creating Deep, Dreamy and Harmonic Vibes” That is what’s in the mind of Madman J while producing his tracks.

Di Hantt

From an early age demonstrated his passion for music.

Mike Zoran

Mike Zoran is Portuguese DJ and producer born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal.


Romanian producer Noise88 fell in love with electronic music when he was a teenager but only started producing in 2019 when he was 32.

Melodic Techno · Progressive House

Paul Mccan

Paul van Kessel, known as PAUL MCCAN was born and raised in Amsterdam and now lives for a number of years in Amstelveen, (which is adjacent to Amsterdam).