Libertas Music Radio invites genre masters for a showcase set.

Every show will be a treat for all dance music adepts and a real honour for us hosting the artist at our station.

Enjoy the show! And any suggestions from our listeners for an artist you like to hear performing on our station is welcome, so be in touch!

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After her first club techno experience in 2015 Sanne was hooked to EDM immediatly. From that moment on she started listening as much music as possible. Inspired by DJ’s as Adam Beyer, John Kashan, Amelie Lens, Worakls, Alex O’Rion, Guy J, Eelke Kleijn, Maksim Dark and many more she found her own favorite sounds. Her style can be described as Deep Dark Techno, but never without melodies. She is also not afraid to get out of her comfort zone making a progressive mix. Sanne S played at various venues and events like: RLGC, Panama Amsterdam, Club NL, IJland, Faralda Crane Hotel and many more.

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