Swanborn’s Melodic Visions

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Get ready to embark on a journey through the ethereal soundscapes of Melodic Techno and Progressive House with Swanborn’s Melodic Visions. Every Saturday evening, immerse yourself in the lush melodic beats and captivating rhythms curated by DJ Swanborn. From the hypnotic melodies to the driving basslines, this show is a sonic adventure that will take you to new heights. Experience the ultimate fusion of Melodic Techno and Progressive House as Swanborn showcases his unique sound and musical vision. Tune in and let your imagination run wild with Swanborn’s Melodic Visions.


Serkvin & Nikita Grib – Freedom of the soul Animalic Drum, Kreative Nativez – Shalimar (Dr Feel Remix) Darko de Jan – Lunar R O N A – Lost in Space (djimboh Remix) ID – ID (Vanaf 23:00) >KAN NIET VINDEN< New Even feat. Maria Cini - Sonora (Noble Spirits Extended Remix) JOPLYN - Speak […] […]
Libere – In My Head (Swanborn Remix). Oldloop – Give Me Your Love. Crimsen, Jordan Arts – How To Love. AKSHT – Breathe. Swanborn – ID. Mood Gorning – Chimney Sweep (Who Else Remix). Maratus – Dance To The Rhythm. ARMINA – Themis. Artaria – Zing. Monoquad – Black Tower. Rebrn – Going Back. Rauschhaus, […] […]